Women Religious: God

Relationships With God:

How God Speaks to Women Religious



      The "Relationships With God" project gathers the wisdom of women religious whose relationships with God are central to their daily lives.  In the following short memoirs, sisters explain their relationships with God as young girls, postulants, vowed sisters, and retired sisters.  They also speak about their dark hours, when God's voice was hard to discern.

     Those of us searching for God, looking for spiritual comfort, or seeking to strengthen our faith may benefit immensely from this wisdom acquired from a lifetime of devoted practice.


"Your relationship with God is an awareness of His work, but that only comes through experiencing life."

~Sister Adele More


"We are the same; in God's eyes, we are loved the same." 

~Sister Nancy More 


"God is in everything, in the cosmos, in everything appropriate to its place in the universe."  

~Sister Margaret More 


"God is always available… to everybody."  

~Sister Clara Marie More     


"You will wonder, as you look back later on, how you did it, and you know that God gave you a push."   

~Sister Fiona More


"There was never a time when I didn't feel God's presence."    

~Sister Maria More


"I find God very present in nature. The first time I saw a mountain, I nearly had a heart attack, it was so beautiful."   

~Sister Laurie  More  


"I believe the deeper we go into ourselves and the deeper we are in life, we access God's presence."     

~Sister Patricia  More


"When I pray, God is giving me the words to pray."  

~Sister Cecilia  More


"It was always satisfying to see others grow in faith and enjoy God's presence in their lives."    

~Sister Bernice More


"For me, praying is also doing, praying isn't just meditation. For me, prayer would be trying to think of one more thing I could do, or call one more agency, or do one more thing for those people."

~Sister Alana  More 


"Sometime we say, 'Where are you God? Are you listening?' And I think He listens. We might not, but He always listens."

~Sister Serena More