Numerous people, still living, claim they had regular encounters or conversations with “presences” in the Walker House.  One person said, “Cameras don’t work in the Walker House.”  Psychics or students of the paranormal even rented the Walker House in 2009 so they could bring their ghost-detection equipment in the House and search for evidence of the paranormal without interference from other guests.  Their video equipment captured no presences, and the audio equipment recorded so much background noise—including gurgling creek water, chirping crickets, rushing wind, roaring engines from passing cars and trucks—that listeners could project almost any kind of voice in the cacophony.  Undoubtedly, talk of “presences” forms a portion of the history of the Walker House, and, one day, a researcher will pull the diverse anecdotes into a coherent historical narrative to be included in a comprehensive social, cultural, and political history of the Walker House.  For today, however, all that exists are isolated anecdotes.

Dan and Kathy have worked and lived in the Walker House since March 6, 2012, and they have experienced no encounters with the paranormal.  Moreover, more than a thousand people have worked, eaten, or slept in the Walker House in 2012—some of them self-proclaimed “sensitives”—and not one of them has seen, heard, or felt the presence of a ghost.  And every camera that has clicked a shutter in the Walker House has produced an image, as the hundreds of photos on the website testify.  A polite way of commenting on ghosts and the Walker House is to paraphrase a line often repeated at the conclusion of Elvis Presley concerts:  “Ladies and gentlemen, the ghosts have left the building.”