The Walker House

Carved into the same hillside rock from which mineral ore was first discovered and mined in the 1820s, the Walker House stands proud as one of the oldest, unique, and most beautiful buildings in the United States—it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  A large structure, the Walker House includes 42 rooms covering almost 16,000 square feet, and it sits on the south side of historic Mineral Point, Wisconsin, in the Midwest’s unparalleled driftless region (millions of years ago the glaciers spared this region when they drifted down the Midwest and flattened the terrain).  Enjoy reading about the history of the Walker House, looking at the montage of images, and getting the story straight about its purported ghosts. Not in doubt, however, are the building’s stones dating back to the 1830s, the original mortar in parts of the House, and a few wavy windows over a hundred years old.


Making Memories That Last A Lifetime!

A world-class venue, the Walker House offers amenities and opportunities unparalleled anywhere in the world.  When Abraham Lincoln was still a young man, the Walker House was already bustling with people and activity.  Over the next two centuries, the Walker House prospered at times and faltered at other times, but always it progressed with the times, increasing its amenities and multiplying its opportunities.  Today, the Walker House offers the discriminating guest an experience that is unique, memorable, educational, and enriching.

Walker House Amenities 

• Three state-of-the art galleries with several hundred works of original art for the enjoyment and enrichment of guests.

• Spacious multipurpose room to accommodate up to 50 guests for receptions, gatherings, or corporate meetings.

• Live musical entertainment with Yamaha full scale electronic keyboard or (coming soon) Steinway upright piano.

• Bountiful organic gardens to pick fruit and vegetables for meals.

• Convenient high speed Wifi internet access anywhere in the building.

• Two woodburning stone fireplaces for old world heat, romance, or daydreaming.

• Impeccable rooms and suites to lodge up to 25 guests.

• Million dollar kitchen to feed 5-500 people.

• Spacious porch on which to sit and relax.

• Handcrafted benches (which include reclaimed wood) next to Brewery Creek to admire and listen to gurgling water and small falls.

• Nature path meandering among gardens, small orchards, berry patches, prairie grasses, and native wild flowers (coming soon).

• Elegant dining room to accommodate up to 50 guests.

• Magical evenings on the patio with sing-alongs and old-fashioned campfires to pop corn, roast marshmallows, and heat s’mores.

•Soothing waterfall among stone outcroppings to calm the spirit (coming soon on the hill wall of the patio).

• A thousand square foot event room to accommodate 200 people for meetings and receptions (coming soon).

• Large 500 square foot bi-level deck for summer evening relaxation and transition from event room to nature path (coming soon).

• Authentic old Cornish Pub with original “Badger” holes (caves) to cool down in summer and enjoy a root beer float or to cozy up around a roaring fire in the fireplace in winter and enjoy homemade chili or hot chocolate with melting marshmallows on top.

• A plein air packed-pebble garden with front yard tables and chairs for 20 people to socialize and enjoy snacks.

• In front of the Walker House, the beginning of a 49-mile gravel country trail used by ATVers, hikers, bikers, horse riders, snowmobilers, cross country skiers, dog sledders, snowshoers, among others.

• Within walking distance: trout fishing, a dozen restaurants, 20 art galleries, two city parks, baseball diamond with free night lighting, tennis courts with free night lights, municipal Olympic size swimming pool, health clinics, pharmacy, library, pubs, quaint shops, Shake Rag Alley Stage, Shake Rag Arts and Crafts, and historic Pendarvis for Old World sightseeing.

• Within 30 miles: 3 beautiful state parks, fishing for pan fish (guaranteed strikes), fishing for trophy fish, lake swimming, boating, sailing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, ice fishing, ice skating, American Players Theatre (outdoor theatre), shopping centers, service shops, hospitals, and so on.


 “[William Walker] saw a valuable opportunity in the arrival of the railroad in 1857….  He rapidly began developing his property.   -Chris Benson, “History of the Walker House”

Sept. 1, 1866 Nat’l Democrat:  “Mineral Point House. —The Hotel of William Walker near the depot is receiving a large addition.  It will be the largest Hotel in this part of the State; and there is a man at the helm who knows how to run it.”     -From A Field Guide to Mineral Point by Nancy Pfotenhauer (2012), p. 191.