Walker House Transformative Series

“What’s On Your Mind?”

A Mind-Blowing One-Day Retreat
On How to Recreate Yourself and Activate Your Innate Genius

                                                                    Mark BishopJudy Bishop

Dr. Mark and Judy Bishop
February 16, 2013    10:00-4:00
Walker House
Mineral Point, Wisconsin

 Register Early – Only 20 Spaces

Registration Fee (after February 10, 2013): $98.
Early Bird Special (before February 10, 2013): $78.
Register by emailing the retreat organizer, World Institute for Extreme Beauty, LLC at walkerhouse1@gmail.com
and send a check or money order (payable to World Institute for Extreme Beauty, LLC) to:
World Institute for Extreme Beauty, LLC
120 Antoine Street
Mineral Point, WI 53565.


Are you suffering from unhappiness, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, anger, migraines, or other maladies that prevent you from flourishing as a productive and happy human being? You can end your suffering and recreate yourself as a happy, energetic, and productive individual driven by personal meaning.  In this six hour retreat, Dr. Bishop and his wife Judy will help you understand how toxic thoughts and behaviors create chaos in your body down to the molecular level, how you can curb these thoughts and behaviors, and how you can refashion your brain and begin the process to recreate yourself.

A family physician for 35 years, Dr. Bishop was named the Wisconsin Family Physician of the Year in 1996.  In addition to his medical training and clinical practice, he has studied extensively neuroscience, psychology, and the Christian faith.  His presentation weaves case studies, personal testimony, humor, and deep Christian faith with science, common sense, and hands-on experiences for participants.

Please join us by registering today.

To ensure maximum benefit for participants, Dr. Bishop and Judy are limiting enrollment to 20 participants.  The one-day retreat includes lunch, break snacks, beverages, and take-home self-help items.