Andres, Chelsea and Kathy Vaillancourt.  “I’ll Be Right Back.” Click here to view it.
     Literary non-fiction work or memoir of Monica Murtha, native of Brooklyn, New York, and nurse for 30+ years.  When a debilitating stroke abruptly ends Monica’s nursing  career, she finds that she must now become a “patient” patient. 

Nicolás, S.J., Adolfo.  “Depth, Universality, and Learned Ministry: Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education Today.”  Click here to view it.
The head of the Jesuits worldwide, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, gave a galvanizing talk in 2010 about problems he perceived in modern culture and how they should be addressed.  What he has to say might surprise you.  

Ratzinger, Cardinal Joseph. “Cardinal Ratzinger on the Contemplation of Beauty” 
Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) writes a seminal piece on beauty in the Catholic Church and uses “extreme beauty” for the first and so far only time in his papacy.

Schneider, Victor.  “Grandpa.”  Click here to view it.
Extreme beauty in a short short about Schneider’s blind Grandpa.

Severyn, Jenny.   “Beauty Grenades.”  Click here to view it.
Extreme beauty in free verse about Severyn’s work in a summer camp for physically and mentally challenged youth.

Vaillancourt, Dan and Kyoungnam Park.  “Well-Being” in the New Catholic Encyclopedia (forthcoming).  Click here to view it.
A historical review of Well-Being as hedonism and eudaimonism, the former from Aristippus (435-356 BCE) to John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), the latter from Aristotle (384-322 BCE) to Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) and Rosalind Hursthouse.

Vaillancourt, Dan.  “Catholic Aesthetics” in the New Catholic Encyclopedia (forthcoming).  Click here to view it.
Vaillancourt’s historical review of Catholic thinkers on beauty, concluding with Cardinal Ratzinger’s (now Pope Benedict XVI) introduction of extreme beauty.

Vaillancourt, Dan.  “The Most Exciting Time To Be A Catholic Art Critic” in Conversations, No. 36 (Fall 2009): 35-37.  
Vaillancourt’s article on the contribution the Catholic intellectual tradition has made to the area of aesthetics. Click here to view it.

Vaillancourt, Dan.  “The Genius Next Door Art Project” in The International Journal of the Arts in Society, Vol. 1, No. 4  (2007): 141-149.  Click here to view it.
A summary of the scholarship on genius and the illustration of the concept with a painting by Fernanda Espinoza.

Vaillancourt, Kathy.  “My Father’s Hands.”  2002.  Click here to view it.
Extreme beauty in free verse about Vaillancourt’s father through the imagery of hands.

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