Room 11

It’s unlike any room in the world, a real treasure, and it holds some secrets in its walls. This room also nurtures the child in us, the one who’s always curious about things and looking for the wonder and mystery in the world around us.

The room is big, 10’ x 15’ with a 10’ ceiling, 3’ x 6’ entrance/baggage/coat area, and 6’ x 10’ private bathroom 5’ away, across the hallway. Room 11 feels like a suite in the ground, and that’s where the wonder and mystery begin. This corner room fits into a part of the Walker House carved into a stone hill. Instead of hiding the stone, we and the crew exposed it on two walls, and even embellished some secrets in the walls by tuckpointing a game among the stones. We challenge you to find embedded among the stone a Cornish pasty (plaster, of course), 100,000 year-old fossil (please name it for me), authentic horse hitching post ring used in the 1800s, and a dozen other items. Find all the items, and win a prize—two Chocolate Shoppe ice cream cones from the Walker House Ice Cream Shoppe, one for you and one for Dan (Kathy claims she needs to cut down on her ice cream consumption…we shall see).

The room is not just fun and games and treats. There’s a very serious side to it, too. The stones give the room a feel of power, wonder, and natural warmth, and so we wondered if we could magnify this feeling by adding more of nature’s own materials. A bunch of friends and Dan gathered 14 miles away and harvested white oak and black walnut trees to make lumber for this room. The wood frames the stone wall, creates an alternating diagonal pattern on another wall, and serves as the construction material for all the furniture in the room—a room size cabinet with a top for lamps and books and smart phones, an L-shaped table made of rare 15” wide black walnut, an armoire for clothes and valuables, a queen mattress, and much more. The room feels so special and warm and cozy to us that we love to sneak in there to read and write and, we’re embarrassed to admit it, to take nap. That reminds us, what about natural light? A high south window floods the room with bright light when you want it, and a blackout shade blocks it out when you don’t, like when you want to nap.

We love the feeling of being surrounded by stone, wood, and light, and to feel so safe, cozy, and warm. The child in us feels the wonder, and the adult in us simply says, “Thank you.”

Maximum occupancy – 2.


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