Room 10

In designing and rebuilding Room 10, we pushed the boundaries of our lodging philosophy in multiple ways. Our lodging philosophy focuses on surrounding guests with as many basic or elemental features as possible, for example, earth, sunlight, trees, natural wood, water, stone, fire, and the like. Deep rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and even healing occur when the body, mind, and spirit surround themselves with natural elements, the same elements that have challenged and rooted human beings and helped them create a sense of home and place for more than a million years. In Room 10, we constructed the floor, picture frames, and art rails from trees we felled 14 miles away, and we chronicled the story of tree-to-board in a photographic essay on a bookshelf in the room. The one window that brings outside light into the room frames hardy and indigenous black locust trees. However, the real story of the window lies in its dismantling and reconstruction to showcase the 200-year-old stone sidewalls. Another boundary we pushed concerns art.

Native Mineral Pointers, Gerry and Bob Regan, donated to the Walker House dozens of prints—some signed—by Blanchardville, Wisconsin farmer and artist Lavern Kammerude. Gerry Regan describes the Kammerude collection as possibly “the finest collection of early American farming scenes ever.” We’ve placed on a bookshelf in Room 10 Threshing Days: The Farm Paintings of Lavern Kammerude (with over 20 full page colored plates of his art), and hung about a dozen framed prints covering farm life in the area in the first half of the twentieth century.

In Room 10, guests can sink themselves into the new Serta King mattress, prop themselves on six pillows, and scanYellowstone Church and other nostalgic scenes of yesterday, or they can stay in the present and examine the window’s stone sidewalls or the sturdy black locusts outside. And when it’s time to sleep, they can slide barefoot over the warm white oak floor, pull down the Blackout shade over the window, enter the cozy bathroom, and brush their teeth in their jammies. To rest, rejuvenate, and heal—all naturally—Room 10 is about as elemental as it gets. ZZZZZZZ!

Here are more details:

Room 10 has a 5? x 5?  entryway, a 7? x 8? private bath, and a 9? x 14? bedroom.  The room contains white oak wood flooring, king bed, clothes rack, clock radio, chairs, night tables, writing desk, blackout shade, and table lamps. At the Walker House, all lodging room desks, picture frames, towel racks, and art rails are handcrafted on site, and the wood (maple, walnut, cherry, oak) is harvested within a 30-50 mile radius. You can control your personal comfort with a 3-speed overhead fan, A/C, or electric baseboard heat. You will feel right at home with amenities like extra blankets, night light, and room journal to record your thoughts. You can share your experiences with loved ones via complimentary Wifi throughout the Walker House.


Maximum occupancy-2.

Private Bathroom. 


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Room 10 bathroom 2