Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is featuring in a continuing exhibit the ongoing work, especially the large landscape art work, of photographer Randy Larson.  A Hollandale, Wisconsin native, Randy grew up on a dairy farm, and today lives with his wife Karla on 40 acres of prairie that was part of the home farm.  A strong sense of place characterizes his images of the Upper Midwest, giving the viewer the nostalgic feeling of having found paradise.  Indeed, his images capture the pristine and soothing qualities of the places, and they have the ability to calm nerves and accelerate the healing process in people recovering from illness or surgery.  Hospitals and health care facilities in the Upper Midwest own and display hundreds of Randy’s images.

Randy shoots most of his work with two systems, both film based.  The Ebony 4×5 camera gives him the ability to use movements to control perspective as well as the great detail and resolution of the large film size.


The Shen Hao 6x17cm roll film camera shoots the panoramic images.

To view Randy’s work (over 50 pieces) in the Main Gallery, please contact us for Gallery hours. To view his website, go to

Main Gallery Featured Artist

Randy Larson