Help Us

Kathy and I turned 65 years old in 2012, and our children asked us if we were ready for retirement.  We said, “No way.  There’s still too much suffering in the world.”  And so, after receiving a necessary kick in the derriere by a Speech of Superior General of Jesuits presentation, we drained much of our retirement monies, bought the Walker House, and established The World Institute for Extreme Beauty, the organization that creates programs to help people find and grow the genius in them and give birth to extreme beauty.

Won’t You Join Us?

We have programs that help people heal, others that make them laugh, and still others that teach them how to flourish in the 21st century.  There are many programs, and so there is great need for help…by making donations, volunteering time, interning for a period of time, and even seeking employment with us. Won’t you join us?  Together, we can do a lot of good for a lot of people, all of it in a 175+-year-old architectural marvel.  Your first step is to send us an email indicating your interest.


“To be human is to be indebted to other human beings.”

– Thomas O’Brochta, Ph.D.