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Interested In Joining The Walker House Team?

The Walker House enterprises are growing fast, and we need more help. We already have bakers, cooks, diswashers, servers, housecleaners, gardeners, carpenters, and handymen, who share the Walker House spirit. They believe in working without cell phones or music so that they can concentrate on their work, anticipate problems, and keep an eye on helping one another and Walker House guests. They also believe in the privilege of serving guests who often select the Walker House to celebrate once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, 50th anniversaries, memorials, 25th or 65th class reunions, and so on. And now we need a maven! We need someone willing to learn all the jobs and within five years to be capable of running the place. The right person would start part-time and then begin to learn and grow like crazy. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime! Interested? Send an email of interest to walkerhouse1@gmail.com.  Thank you.