Cornish Pub

Numerous owners of the Walker House have devoted thousands of dollars and work hours to create an authentic Cornish Pub from the mining caves on the south side of the first floor.  The Cornish Pub honors Charles Curtis, stonemason from Newland East, Cornwall, Great Britain, and successful owner of the Walker House from 1899 to 1943.  The Pub also honors the thousands of area descendants of Cornish stonemasons and early settlers in southwestern Wisconsin.

Come to enjoy homemade root beer and ice cream (try a root beer float), and sit by the warm glow of one of two stone fireplaces, one of them in the large cave (if you dare).  Before you leave, be sure to rub a finger or two over one of the 30 horse brasses (embellishments on the horse harness), traditionally acquired in Cornwall and other parts of England as collectibles and status symbols but used in ancient Rome as amulets to ward off evil spirits from the horses.  For more than a century, rumors have persisted that horse brasses bring good fortune to those who own them and, we might add, to those who touch them.