Frankl, Viktor.  Man’s Search For Meaning.  Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 2006.
     A Nazi concentration camp survivor, Frankl attributes his survival to his fundamental drive for meaning, which, in his case, was his desire to see his wife again and his dream of returning to his life as professor (teacher and writer).  He quotes Nietzsche’s famous line, “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”  The second half of the book explores logotherapy.

Grow, Mary and Jean-Marc Richel.  Chester Meets the Walker House Ghost.  Click here to order it.
Former Mineral Point, Wisconsin residents, Grow and Richel have written an excellent children’s literature book about a cat who helps the Walker House ghost get relief from his plight.  Artist Richel supplies charming black and white drawings on nearly every page, and Grow’s story and vocabulary are suitable for children, tweens, and fun-loving adults.

Vaillancourt, Kathy.  Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams.  2010.  E-Publication here.
     This literary non-fiction work or memoir of Argyle, Wisconsin resident and apple orchard owner Larry Cadman celebrates American individualism and small-business entrepreneurship.  What do you do when mites kill off your beehives and honey business?  Why, you start an apple orchard, of course.

Vaillancourt, Dan and Kathy.  Writing and Righting the Past: Preserving the Legacy of Women Religious Through Memoir.  2011.  E-Publication here
     This how-to manual on how to conduct interviews, transcribe them, write functional art memoirs, and create fine art memoirs distills the experiences of the authors as they learned to preserve the legacy of American Catholic nuns through memoir.
Vaillancourt, Kathy.  Looking-Glass Woman.  2005.  E-Publication here.
    This memoir celebrates (through poetry and reflections) four pivotal stages of the author’s life: little girl, young woman, married woman, and mother.