1/3, Sunday, 4:30-6:30pm  Finnegans Wake Reading Group.

1/16, Saturday, 6-8:30pm  Upland Hills Health Dinner Party.

1/23, Saturday, 11am-1pm  Red Hatters Lunch.

1/31, Sunday 5-7pm  Finnegans Wake Reading Group.

Katelyn 12/14, Sunday, Private Family Gathering.

2/20, Saturday, 1-4pm  Baby Shower.

2/27, Saturday, 8am-4pm Catered Retreat at Lind Pavilion.

2/27, Saturday, 6-7:30pm Private Birthday Dinner.

“Had breakfast brunch here today seated by a roaring fire in this historical wonder. Kathy treated us as if we were her family, I honestly felt like we were the most important people to her, and the food was delicious!! We will definitely return!” ~J.K.

2/28, Sunday, 5-7pm Finnegans Wake Reading Group.

3/5, Saturday, 6-9pm  Private Party.

3/6, Sunday, 12:30-3:30pm  St. Piran’s Day Celebration with Pasty Lunch.

3/20, Sunday, 6-8pm  Pasty Dinner for Tour Group.

3/26, Saturday  TBA  Wedding Reception.Prom 4

3/30-31, Wednesday, Thursday  UW-Extension Conference.

4/23,  Saturday, 6:30-8pm  Junior Prom Dinner.

4/27,  Wednesday, 5-6:15pm  Dinner for Confirmation Group.

4/30,  Saturday, 1-4pm  Gathering for Local Family.

5/1,  Sunday,12:30-2pm  Birthday Lunch.

5/2,  Monday, 12:30-3pm  Lunch for Women’s Education Group.

5/4,  Wednesday, TBA, Dinner for State Education Group.don hawkins

5/5,  Thursday, 8am-3pm  State Education Group Meeting.

5/7,  Saturday, Noon-1:30pm  College Graduation Brunch.

5/7,  Saturday, 7-9pm  College Graduation Dinner.

5/8,  Sunday, 10:30am-Noon.  Private Mother’s Day Brunch.

“The Walker House Catered my wedding, the most important day of my life.  The food was out of this world and so was the dessert. If you want the best food and the nicest people—go to the Walker House for catering or even for a dinner, brunch, etc.   I honestly will miss contacting Kathy; she was THE best and so is the Walker House staff.”  ~E.M.

5/8,  Sunday, 12:30-2pm.  Private Mother’s Day Pasty Lunch.

5/14, Saturday, 6:30pm-8pm  Dinner for Cast and Crew of “Ten Dollar House.”

5/14, Saturday, 1-4pm  Open House for 50 Open Doors Event.

5/15, Sunday, 2-4pm  Open House for MP 5th Grade Art Show.

5/18, Wednesday, Noon-1:30pm  Pasty Bakery 13 - Don HawkinsLunch for Waunakee High School Group.

5/23, Monday, Noon-2pm  Pasty Lunch for Tour Group.

5/30, Monday, 11:30am  Brunch for Local Group.

6/1, Wednesday, 9-10:30am Retired Educators Breakfast.

6/1, Wednesday, 6:30-9pm  Pasty Dinner for Art Group.

6/4, Saturday, Noon-1:30pm  Private Taste-Testing for Wedding Reception.

6/6, Monday, 6:30pm  Dinner for Out-of-Town Group.

6/10, Friday, Noon  Catered Lunch to Lind Pavilion.

6/11, Saturday, 5:45-8pm  Pasty Dinner for Tour Group.

6/11, Saturday, 7pm  Dinner for 4.

“The Walker House was a real find for us. I was looking for a place that served traditional English food (such as pasties served to the miners in earlier times), and I happened upon the Walker House. Before the dinner we were treated with a tour of the downstairs area including a special dining room which was once part of a mine! The room was cool and pleasant but we opted for outdoor seating in their beautiful garden. We were treated to a multi-course meal at a very reasonable price, which did include pasties. Delicious!” ~W.J.

6/12, Sunday, Noon  Catered Lunch to Lind Pavilion.

6/13, Monday, 11:45-1pm  Pasty Lunch for Tour Group.

6/22, Wednesday, AM  Cater Pasties to Iowa County Fairgrounds.

6/25, Saturday, Noon-1:30pm  Pasty Lunch for The Col Benjamin Harrison DAR group.

6/25, Saturday, 1:30-4pmDining Image 2  Bridal Shower.

6/25, Saturday, 5-9pm  Dinner for Swiss Cheese and Spotted Cow Bicycle Group.

7/3, Sunday, 10:30-Noon  Brunch for Local Family.

7/8, Friday, TBA  Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

7/9, Saturday, 1-9pm  Haiku Workshop and Pizza Dinner (5-6:30pm).

7/9, Saturday, 5-6:30pm  Catered Dinner for Woodlanders.

7/14, Thursday, Noon  Pasty Lunch for Tour Group.

7/15, Friday, 6-8:30pm  Pasty Dinner for Local Group.

7/20, Wednesday, 6pm  Wedding Ceremony and Dinner.

7/21, Thursday, 5-7pm Dinner for Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tour Group.

7/22, Friday, 7-8am Breakfast for Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tour Pasty Image on Back PatioGroup.

7/27, Wednesday, 5:30-7pm  Pasty Dinner for Lodgers.

7/28, Thursday, 6-8pm  Pasty Dinner for Local Group.

7/29, Friday, 5:30-7:30pm  Dinner for Art Group.

7/29, Friday, Noon  Catered Lunch to Lind Pavilion.

7/29, Friday, 12:30pm  Picnic Lunch for Lodgers.

7/30, Saturday, 1-4pm  Baby Shower.

7/31, Sunday, Noon  Catered Lunch to Lind Pavilion.

8/6, Saturday, Haiku Conference Workshops and Dinner.

8/18,  Thursday, 12:45-3pm  Pasty Lunch for Pilgrimage Tour Group.

8/27, Saturday,7-9pm  Dinner for Shake Rag Alley Art Group.

“Thank you very much for your gracious hospitality when our visitors from Winnipeg, Canada and Santa Barbara, California were here.  The pasties were delicious!  Please tell your staff how much we appreciated their efforts to make all of us feel welcome and at home.  The meal was fantastic, and I can’t wait to come back again.” ~P.F.

9/3, Saturday, 6-9:30pm  25th Class Reunion.

9/8, Thursday 8am-4pm Financial Group Team Meeting.

9/9, Friday, 7pm-9pm Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

9/11, Sunday, 10-11:30am  Wedding Breakfast.

9/16, Friday, 6-8pm Pasty Dinner for Group.

9/17, Saturday, 5:30-9pm Family Reunion Dinner.

9/19, Monday, Noon-1:30pm  Pasty Lunch for Friendship Force of Wisconsin.

9/20, Tuesday, 6-8:30pm  Dinner Meeting for Local Beef Producers.

9/22, Thursday, 6:00-10pm   Private Dinner and Auction – Iowa County Farm Bureau.

Mineral point-00379/23, Friday, 11:30-12:15 Pasty Lunch for Corvette Group.

9/23, Friday, TBA Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

9/24, Saturday, Noon-2pm 65th Class Reunion.

9/24, Saturday, 5-8pm Catered Wedding Reception at Lind Pavilion.

9/24, Saturday, 4:30-6:30pm  Cornish Fest Pasty Picnic.  (Open to Public)

9/28, Wednesday, Noon-1:30pm.  Lunch for Local Group.

10/1, Saturday, 3:30-10:30pm Wedding Reception.

10/7, Friday, 11am  Pasty Lunch for Local Group.

10/7, Friday, 5:00-8:30pm  Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

10/8, Saturday, 7-9pm Private Dinner for Golden Glow of Christmas Past Group.

10/9, Sunday, Noon  Pasty Lunch for Local Group.

10/10, Monday, Noon-1:30 Pasty Lunch for Tour Group.

10/11, Tuesday, Noon-12:45pm  Pasty Lunch for Local Group.Prom 9

10/12, Wednesday, Dinner for 4 Lodgers.

10/13, Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm Birthday Dinner.

10/15, Saturday, 5:30-7:30pm  Birthday Dinner.

10/16,  Sunday, 4-6pm  Finnegans Wake Reading Group.

10/16, Sunday, 5:30pm Cater Pasty Meal to Cowboy Country Church.

10/21, Friday, 11:30am-1:30pm  Pasty Lunch for Wisconsin Foodie Group.

10/23, Sunday, 1-4pm  Baby Shower.

10/29, Saturday, 5pm  Catered Wedding Dinner at Folklore Village.

11/5, Saturday, 6-8pm 90th Birthday Dinner.

11/6, Sunday, Noon-1:30pm  Pasty Lunch for Local Group.

11/11, Friday, 1:30-4:30pm DuPont Pioneer Team Meeting.

11/15, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30pm  Annual Chamber Dinner.chamber-dinner-picture

11/24, Thursday, 1-4pm  Thanksgiving for Local Family.

11/27, Sunday, Family Thanksgiving.

12/1, Thursday, 2:30-6:30pm  Upland Hills Management Meeting and Dinner.

12/3, Saturday, 12-5pm  Family Christmas Lunch and Party.

12/4, Sunday, 5:30. Cater Lasagna Meal to Cowboy Country Church.

12/7, Wednesday, Noon-1:30pm  Pasty Lunch for Local Group.

12/8, Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm Dinner for Local Group.

12/11, Sunday, 6-9pm  Nutcracker Cast Party.

12/13, Tuesday, 5-7pm  Holiday Dinner for Quilting Group.

12/15, Thursday, 3-5pm  Lands End Holiday Gathering.

12/15, Thursday, 7-9:30pm  Holiday Dinner for Local Group.

12/18, Sunday, Noon-3pm  Holiday Lunch for Local Family.

12/19, Monday, 11:30am-1:30pm  Holiday Luncheon for Lands End Group.

12/20, Tuesday, 8:30-11:30 DuPont Pioneer Team Meeting.

12/22, Thursday, 5:30-8:30pm  Wedding Ceremony and Dinner.

12/23, Friday, 5-7pm  Christmas and Anniversary Dinner for Local Group.

12/26, Monday, Private Family Christmas.